End of June – Tempus fugit

Good heavens but time flies when you are having fun. Since my last check in there have been a few things all of which are recorded for Episode 36 of the podcast. I have a couple of links to record today and then editing time. I’ve finished the pattern write up for the helios wing shawl and it is with test knitters so two weeks until publication I think. it is looking good.

there is also a finished baby cardigan for my nephew Andrew’s daughter Emily. I need to find buttons for it today.

As far as the websire goes, this week saw the Beardychiel merchandise go live and 4 natural colours of Caithness Croft Yarn go live see them in Beardychiel’s Shop.

See you all soon with the next update.

Catching up

It hasbeen a while since I blogged or even podcasted. I’m in themiddle of the Rhodes 2019 video edit and have AberdeenYarnFestival to visit tomorrow. It is a really exciting time and I am feeling as if there are not enough hours in the day. But hey, life is too short and I’m not willing to give in. So watch this space and I’ll keep you up to date soon. This coming week I have tattoo time on Tuesday and my niece’s wedding on Saturday so an exciting time and a really memorable event that I have to make a speech at so check back soon for an update and maybe a photo or two.

Beardychiel’s Knitting Banter Episode 28

Hi folks,

Well Rhodes is over and it was amazing. a super week of classes and visits and knitting galore. A video will follow, but, in order to help with the catching up from May here is Episode 28 – Aberdeen and Inbetween. It is so large I’ve split it into two parts, but, don’t let that put you off.

A Busy Time

Hello all,

it has been a while and as many of you know a trying and busy time here at Beardychiel HQ. The Rhodes Retreat preparations, the Caithness Croft Yarn preparations and finally the sad loss of our daughter – in – law Louise. Consequently many things have been shuffled as priorities changed day by day. The knitting community have, as always, been amazingly supportive through the trying times. There are several good close friends who all know that they have been on the end of a phone or private message to take pressure off as and when required.

We are getting into a new routine and regular podcast viewers will have met Leo my youngest grandson and co -presenter. Eoin is at school most days when I record.

The yarn has arrived. The retreat starts in three days for me. My packing is still ongoing and I’ll just say watch this space, more news soon.

EYF and Podcast Episode 26

Hi there,

Well I have returned from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018 and both Janet and I had a super time there. We met and chatted to a lot of old and new friends and of course did some yarn shopping. Most of the information has been included in the Podcast Episode No. 26 EYF EYF EYF! So to save you a hunt here is the link:- Podcast


Publishing Fortnight

Pentland Firth Shawl pattern cover.
Pentland Firth Shawl pattern cover.


Hi all,
It has been a busy time for old Beardychiel since my last post. A lot of test knitting for the Pentland Firth Shawl. Two versions an Aran and a DK. Both were fun to do and I enoyed having them grow before me so last week they were ready and the pattern was put together in its final format, so I pressed the buttons and it went live on Ravelry.


Dragonscale  Socken pattern cover.
Dragonscale Socken pattern cover.

Meanwhile in the background my knitting friend and occasional test knitter Marion, who just happens to be a professional translator agreed to translate the Dragonscale Sock pattern into German for me. and as I was publishing the shawl sent me back the finished ‘Dragonscale’ Socken file, which today went live on Ravelry.




The Rhodes Retreat preparations are going well and we are only 10 and a bit weeks away from that adventure.

Thanks for bearing with me all you followers and subscribers the amount of mental work and IT time seems to be growing exponentially.

Next big adventure is sending off a first batch of fleeces for Beardychiel’s Caithness Croft Yarn. So watch this space after Rhodes as I start to market it…….

Welcome to 2018

Well the year has started very quickly with a lot of knitting and pattern development work. I have to admit that I have several large projects for 2018 that I am both excited about and eager to see come to their successful conclusion. Firstly I’m looking forward to meeting friends at Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March. Beardychiel’s Caithness Crofts Yarn test batch will be in the mill in April and I am keen to see it back in my hands ready for knitters and dyers to test in early summer. In May I hope to be teaching in the Aberdeen area and further details will follow soon. I am then into the Beardychiel Rhodes Retreat and the fun that it should be. In the background I will be chatting to and working with my friend Eva Christie on bits of Perth Festival of Yarn for September 2018.

All in all a busy time. That does not mean that my designing will stop The Pentland Firth Shawl will launch towards the end of February and a new project/collection called ‘Keeping It In the Loop’will follow after that. Plans for some cotton lace work is also on the cards and you’ll all need to watch this space for that development.

Until then keep watching the podcasts and reading the blog as I remember to type it up.