The Shawls

Berdychiel’s Shawls have been collected for you here.
 The Comet Shawl  This Shawl uses short rows and lace to create the  incredible comet and tail shape that gives the shawl its name. A really fun knit
The  Comet Shawl
The Comet Shawl


 The Forest Floor Shawl  Inspired by the textures and colour of and end of summer forest floor this shawl contains mushroom shaped lace motifs and lace leaf shapes along with textured panels to try and bring that floor to life.  

The Forest Floor Shawl
The Forest Floor Shawl
 The Scharf  Half Shawl Half Scarf, the shape evolved from a sailor’s uniform dress collar and a simple slip stitch and stranded colour work squares to make this unusual shoulder hugging design, which can wrap aorund a neck or sit snug and flat under a jacket.  

The Scharf
The Scharf
 La Tulipe et La Rose  This is a texture and lace pattern inspired by Art Nouveau stained glass windows. I takes two of the most common floral morifs the tulip and the rose and replaces the lead with strings of lace holes and textured panels to show the leaf and petal shapes.

The shawl can be planned as a semi circle or more than a semi circle by adding a wedge shaped panel repeat


La Tulipe et La Rose Pattern Cover
The   Hooded Bat   The Hooded Bat was inspired by my daughter complaining that she could easily forget her hat in cold winter Caithness if she was in a hurry. I realised that adding a hood to a cowl,shawl or scarf would solve the problem. I wanted something textured so blocks of broken rib and stocking stitch seemed appropriate.

The construction of the hood using German short rows was a direct development of my work on heels for my sock designs. If offered a 90 degree bend with a pattern following the turn.


The Hooded Bat pattern cover
The Hooded Bat Pattern Cover
The Pentland Firth Shawl  Living beside the Pentland Firth and seeing its range of colours textures and the immense power that typifies this amazing stretch of water is awe inspiring and I felt that this had to be the inspiration for a shawl. 

The process of taking the wave shapes and allowing them to morph into a knitwear textures and patterns was really enjoyable and I turned to my interest in Japanese art and watercolours and Japanese tattoo imagery for the synthesised shapes of large foaming waves. 

The result is the wings of the Pentland Firth Shawl. The central panel is inspired by the texture and striation of the sand stone cliffs around the Pentland Firth coastline. I hope you enjoy the finished effect as much as I do. 

Helios Wing Shawl 
The idea for this shawl evolved as I was sitting knitting on holiday in Rhodes, June 017 and the idea that this wing shaped asymetric should have a  Greek name made perfect sense. I’ve waitied and reknitted it in wool as well as in bamboo and it is a fun knit.