Rhodes Retreat 2018

Hi Folks,

If you have come to this page you may be interested in

The Beardychiel Rhodes Knitting Retreat 2018.

The retreat will run from Saturday 26th May 2018 to Saturday 2nd June 2018 in the Rhodian Sun Hotel on the island of Rhodes.

The hotel, a 3 Star hotel in my opinion, is situated in a quiet village not far from the airport and away from the main busy tourist resorts.

If you want to see the hotel watch our little video with live reviews from customers who Beardychiel met in May 2017.

There are probably a few questions about the retreat so I have gathered information in the following categories.

 Itinerary  Hotel Arrangements  Tutors  Excursions

If you are happy with this then you might also want

 Prices  Bookings  Ts & Cs  Transfers

I am really looking forward to greeting you all in the sun to relax, knit, knatter, sip, and as Sockmatician says take things , “one stitch at a time!”.