Draft Itinerary

Let’s take you through the draft itinerary for the week of the retreat.

Sat 26th
Arrivals, Knit& Natter
Arrivals,Knit & Natter
Arrivals, Knit & Natter
Sun 27th
10am to 10.30 Group Meeting & Any Questions
Free – Meet Greet and chill.
After Dinner – A short knitting challenge
Mon 28th
10 am to 1pm Classes / Free
2.30pm to 5.30pm Classes / Free
Tues 29th 10 am to 5pm Excursion to Rhodes Town, freedom to shop and explore Free
Wed 30th 10am to 1pm Classes / Free Free After Dinner – Knitty Quiz Night
Thu 31st 10 am to ??? Excursion to Winery and Village Craft Co-operative Free 
Fri 1st Free  Free  After Dinner – Retreat Oscars 
Sat 2nd Knitting / Departures Knitting / Departures Knitting / Departures

There are other items in discussion and planning with the hotel. e.g. Access to the hotel’s traditional loom and a weaving demonstration may be added. The possibility of a traditional music and dancing night is also being considered, but, I am aware how precious the knitting time is along side the socialising so these are provisional at this time.