There are two day outings included in the package

Outing 1 – This is an opportunity to explore the medieval walled city of Rhodes with its history of crusader knights, its shops, cafés, and lively atmosphere. You might also visit the New town directly adjacent to the old town where Rhodes only LYS is situated. Fimi is a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of yarn and haberdashery. ( An address etc. will be provided for this.) Last but not least, a wander to the harbour where the yachts of the rich and famous are berthed and once upon a time the Colossus stood guard at the harbour entrance. You make your own arrangements for lunch while you wander and Beardychiel will be waiting for you with his own shopping bags at the bus. Again maps will be provided for the location of the meeting point.


Outing2 – Arrangements for this outing are still being confirmed, but it is hoped that we will include at visit to a commercial winery as well as a visit to a village craft co-operative in the mountainous centre of Rhodes. The winery Janet assures me is well worth the visit. She wandered off with for a girly lunch with some other guests this year and came back suitable impressed. I have samples the products from one of the village craft co-operatives before and they were lovely so I have asked my friends at the hotel to confirm that this is possible.

If for any reason this is not possible I will inform you as soon as possible of alternative arrangements.