October Holidays

Hi All,

I must apologise for the posting holiday, but, Ive been so preoccupied with other things the website has had a backseat. Since last post Perth Festival of Yarn has come and gone. My holiday to Sorrento in Italy has passed. And I spent a nice day at Inverness Knitfest. I have a podcast about to go up with the last two pieces in it.

Life has been fairly good and I cannot complain. The family are well and my knitting/crocheting etc. move on apace.  There are two designs ready to hit the market soon, the Dragonscale Socks pattern and Le Tulipe et La Rose shawl are getting towards the end of test knitting. Patterns have been adjusted where required and we are at the photographs section for some of it.

I’m off now to finish that very task so will be back with a couple of taster shots soon.