Publishing Fortnight

Pentland Firth Shawl pattern cover.
Pentland Firth Shawl pattern cover.


Hi all,
It has been a busy time for old Beardychiel since my last post. A lot of test knitting for the Pentland Firth Shawl. Two versions an Aran and a DK. Both were fun to do and I enoyed having them grow before me so last week they were ready and the pattern was put together in its final format, so I pressed the buttons and it went live on Ravelry.


Dragonscale  Socken pattern cover.
Dragonscale Socken pattern cover.

Meanwhile in the background my knitting friend and occasional test knitter Marion, who just happens to be a professional translator agreed to translate the Dragonscale Sock pattern into German for me. and as I was publishing the shawl sent me back the finished ‘Dragonscale’ Socken file, which today went live on Ravelry.




The Rhodes Retreat preparations are going well and we are only 10 and a bit weeks away from that adventure.

Thanks for bearing with me all you followers and subscribers the amount of mental work and IT time seems to be growing exponentially.

Next big adventure is sending off a first batch of fleeces for Beardychiel’s Caithness Croft Yarn. So watch this space after Rhodes as I start to market it…….