Busy busy busy

The last few weeks have been ultra busy for me and although work on the website was happening in the background I simply did not find time to post here.

Last night was the culmination of several weeks of planning and work when Beardychiel’s Rhodes Retreat 2018 was launched. Bookings have been a steady stream and I hope that continues. Feedback is that the idea and price are pitched at about the right level.  So I wait and hope that my trickle becomes a raging torrent. LOL.


Today is the launch of Tsambika’s Rhodian Sun Socks on Ravelry . A 4ply/fingering weight sock with a small lace pattern. The socks are knitted toe up with a short row heel. I really enjoyed working on them in Rhodes then sun and chilled out atmosphere were wonderful.

Well that’s  that for today. I’m off back to some mid evening knitting and a detective show……

Socks update

I’ve added 3 of my sock patterns to the Knitwear section of the site. Just to make sure it all works the way I want. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Quiet Sunday

I’ve had a good weekend. Time with family, local fun day, a nice time at a quiz night where we won a bottle of Whisky in a raffle and some knitting. I hane noted a couple of Perth Festival emails pop in so thats great. Monday’s to do list is sorted.

Now it’s time to work on the square shawl…… see you later.

Editing Day

Hi folks, I recorded an episode of Beardychiel’s Knitting Banter on Wednesday and got to the editing stage today. That bit is done and we wait now while You Tube lets it upload and we hope it works first time.

Not a lot of knitting done yesterday, but some web bits and prep for editing and housework. Today after the editing Janet emailed for a Pancake/Drop Scone Recipe. Well it took a whole 10 minutes to type and would you know it put me in the mood for them so I made a batch.

I’m thinking a Beardychiel Cooks page might be a good addition.

Answers on a post card to……

Day 1 of New Site

So, I am rationing my time on the new site to an hour a day. Why? That can be explained by looking at all the other things that require to be fitted into a day.

  • Perth Festival of Yarn Web maintenance
  • Pattern development and typing
  • Knitting / Spinning / Crochet
  • Podcasting
  • Housework

I also allow myself the luxury of a shower. 

Earlier this morning I finished Tsambika’s Rhodian Sun Sock pattern and sent it to one of my test knitters. Tech editing next and then I’ll add it to this site and Ravelry.

Made sure the social media links in the footer take you to the right places.

And so that’s it for today, a little cooking and then Perth Festival time.


Welcome to Beardychiel’s Design

Welcome to Beardychiel’s Design. In creating this new site for my knitwear and fibre crafts I  am hoping to sow not only my design work but links to where all things Beardychiel can be found. Thanks for joining me on this journey.